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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Far I've Come

My very first post. Wow! What profound, life-changing words of wisdom do have to impart on all my many zeros of readers? Um, exactly.....none.

I just have a funny (to me) story to share. I realized a couple of days ago how far I'd come (or fallen, depending on how you view it, which may depend on how far in the South you live) since I was a teenager. During my teenage years, I would wake up 2 hours before I had ANYWHERE to go, and I do mean anywhere (this could even include walking to the mailbox), showering, shaving my legs, blow-drying and hot-rollering my hair, applying full make-up, and dressing in my best, weather-appropriate clothes. I would check, double-check, and triple-check myself in the mirror, hoping that I wouldn't embarrass myself with a hair out of place or blotchy makeup, and head out the door, or maybe just into the living room. Can anyone out there say, "vain?!!!" Yep, that was me. How far I've come.

My son, Garrison, had sold his millionth item on Craigslist, and needed to meet a lady to complete the sale. His car was in the shop getting a tire replaced (another story for another day) and was ready, so I could either take him to the shop to pick up his car, or take him to meet the lady. Of course I took the less time-consuming option of taking him to pick up his car. I had just returned from walking at the lake, and was a disgusting, sweaty mess, but the boy needed his car THAT INSTANT, and being the wonderful, sweet mother that I am (yes, I'm gagging too), threw on a different pair of shorts and took him to the shop. Didn't bother looking in the mirror before we left. I went in, paid for the tire, and came back home. I never should have looked. What hair wasn't sticking out in every direction was stuck to my sweaty head. My face was beet-red and looked like I had covered it in grease. We won't even mention the smell. I pretend that if I can't smell myself, no one else can either. I just had to laugh at myself. My teenage self would have been mortified by my 45 year old, grown up self. She wouldn't have been caught dead going out in public looking like that. She swore she would never do something like that!!!

Never say never.



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