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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why do I hate Earth?

I don't really, but you would think I did by my actions.  I try to be green.  I recycle as much as I can in my city that seems to reject more recyclable items than it accepts.  I throw into my recycle bins all my cans, newspapers, recyclable bottles, and any other thing I think will not be rejected by the recycle trash guys.  There is one area, however, that I just can't seem to break through......using my paid-for green grocery bags.  I have about 10 of them, and I bought them with the best intentions.  I had 2 or 3 of them originally, and was standing in line with them at the grocery store waiting to check out.  I noticed that the lady in front of me bought as many as she needed to bag all her groceries, so I began to feel guilty.  I knew I could not possibly fit all my groceries into 3 bags, so I decided to follow suit (not a great testimony to my ability to resist following the crowd as a teenager).  I bought not only enough bags to bag ALL my groceries, but I even bought an extra bag to boot!  What an earth-friendly person I was!!!  I proudly watched as the cashier stuffed every single item into these bags.  I could practically hear the trees singing to me as I walked out to my car and unloaded my groceries!

That was the end of my euphoria.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember to take those silly bags back into the grocery store with me.  It hasn't been for lack of effort.  I added the bags to my grocery list to remind me to take them with me.  The bags never leave my car, for fear that I would absentmindedly leave them at home.  They travel to every single store I visit.  I have left them in the back of my car, in the back seat of my car, and even today in the front passenger seat, under my shopping list.  They were still left in the heat, never to be remembered until I was in the check out line.  I cursed myself under my breath, and wondered what it would take to make me remember to take the bags into the store with me.  Would I have to hang them to my rear-view mirror, pin them to my shirt, or just simply buy more bags every time I shopped?

I would give up my earth-friendly quest, but I can't face the beautiful, majestic oak trees in my yard.  They would be so disappointed in me.  So for them, I continue my quest.  Maybe next time, my recycle bag friends.  Don't give up on me yet.

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